Dog Walking

It cant be overstated how important it is to walk your dog regularly and often! Dexter, this blogs namesake, was just a few months old when i met him and he ‘suffers’ from whatever the dog version of sleep deprivation is called. He would walk all over the bed at all hours of the night looking for affection and basically ruining any chances of sleep. He weighs under 25 pounds and i’ve found out from experience that a 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood does him just fine. A 25 minute walk in the fresh air, smelling some trees, getting the blood flowing makes him sleep like a baby.

Like most young dogs who have had some kind of training, he looks forward to his nightly walk with dad.

Having the right equipment for walking is important. Attaching a lead directly to his collar is a big no-no and can be immensely dangerous for him. I bought him a Kong Reflective Harness from PetSmart. It provides the restraint needed to keep this ShihTzu-Jack Russell terrier on the right path and protecting him with a padded chest restraint and strong construction.

We have a routine. I sit on the stairs by the front door, tap the floor three times, he comes and sits down facing away and knows when to lift the correct paw to get his harness on, then waits by the door for me to clip the lead on.

According to The Dogington Post, here are the Top Dog Walking tips:

1.       Aim for a 30-minute walk, five times every week.
2.       Always keep your dog on a leash, unless in designated off-leash parks.
3.       Supervise your dog around children and other dogs.
4.       Bring plastic bags to clean up after your pet.
5.       Ensure that your dog wears his ID tag all the time.
6.       Avoid going out in extreme cold or heat.
7.       Don’t forget to bring cool, fresh water for you both to drink.

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