Dexters New Boots

With winter around the corner I thought it was about time Dexter got some real winter boots. The primary reason i began looking for something to protect his feet is that we got a lot of snow in Central New York. Consequently, there is a lot of salt on the roads where we walk. Not only is it uncomfortable for him to step on, it gets stuck between his pads, and it also dries them out causing irritation. The boots will also keep his paws warmer because hes not touching the frosty ice.

I settled on the Granite Gear Dog Clog. From Sierra Trading Post. In green.

They came UPS and packaged in a mesh bag to aid drying with two hooks for hanging and its perfect for my ‘clothes hanger’ system.

I have a hanger in the front hall closet that has:

1) his harness hung over the hook
2) a towel for drying wet paws hung where the pants go
3) a ‘dog bone’ plastic waste bag holder clipped to one end.
4) The hanger now includes the mesh bag holding his new boots.

When i put the first ones on him, he just stood there… staring down at his foot… wondering what was going on.

I understand there will be an adjustment period and he’ll slowly get used to them but its cute seeing his reaction.

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