It’s Autumn

It’s autumn and that means its tick season. The dogs like to go outside and run and play in the leaves every time they are outside. Its fun watching Dexter smelling the piles of leaves for things that are hiding in them, or just checking them out; rooting around for things we humans will never see.

I’m the kind of person who hates remembering tedious things. Every Tuesday entering my Coca Cola rewards codes, every Saturday washing the bedding, and even every month giving the dog a tablet in his food once a month gets to be too much to remember. So much going on that those little things easily slip my mind.

We were planning a trip to Florida and needed to catch the dogs up on their shots so when we were at the vet getting rounds of needles and drops, they suggested the Seresto collar to protect them against fleas and ticks. This thing is perfect! I don’t’ have to remember ‘treats’ once a month, the collar stays on for baths and at night, and i feel confident when they are rooting around in leaves, and smelling under the deck that they won’t bring little nasties back into the house.

The collar is effective for eight months which will bring them into winter (past tick season in our area) and keep them safe through the first snow. Then its back onto the tablets or some other treatment…

Now if there was only a way to prevent snow from falling, that would make my life so much easier!

The ASPCA has this list of tips to keep your dog safe during Autumn. One that stuck out, and I didn’t really think of, is the mushrooms. I know my dogs will chew on and eat strange things so i’ll be extra vigilant making sure i know what they are sniffing and chewing while outside. Who things of mushroom toxicity? I didn’t before but I will now!

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