I’m never sure why the most disgusting, chewed up, slobbery, ripped apart, missing-parts toys are his favorite. New toys sit on the shelf and the old ones keep getting ‘loved’ and worn down until they literally disappear. You can pick your nose, and you can pick your dog, and you can pick your dogs toys, but you can’t pick you dogs favorite toy. (or the toy’s nose).

I found this store while searching online for durable toys, Indestructible Dog, and hopefully some of the interesting toys will stand up to the extra-tough chewing my dog puts them through!

They have a Labs program where you can buy new toys for a crazy discount and test them for durability. If they stand up to enough abuse from the canine testing panel, then they go on sale in the shop online. You get a great deal on an awesome toy, and help the dog community discover great activities and distractions for all our furry friends!

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