Christmas sweaters

I was looking for an awesome Christmas sweater to wear for the office party so I did what every 30-something year old in 2014 does and Google’d it. There are some pretty awesome designs out there! Everything from ‘cute’ to ‘r-rated’ Its amazing how the market has expanded for that category. Some are definitely mocking tacky Christmas sweaters, others are genuinely nice looking sweaters.

I don’t think it would be fair to be the only one dressed up for the holiday so I Google’d dog Christmas sweaters as well. After all, dogs are part of our family and why shouldn’t they get dressed up too?! Well, as it turns out as well, there is not shortage of sweaters for dogs too!

Remember, keep them warm when they are outside, and keep delicious people treats away from dogs. Foods that are okay for us, might not be okay for them! Happy sweater shopping!

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