Canine Travel Tips

We have a vacation booked this spring to the Outer Banks where we will be bringing our dogs. Doing some research online, I found that 51% of pet parents take their pets with them when they travel. Thats a lot of dogs, cats, and fish on the move!

I’ve been looking a dog safety belts, dog beds for the back seat, travel crates, portable water bowls, and all kinds of accessories, and i’m sure those will make it into another post, but today I wanted to share this link that AAA has for their Pet Travel Tips.

They cover mostly dogs and cats, but if you buy the book from AAA (AAA Travel Stores or select book sellers) they list vets and animal hospitals in hundreds of places across the country.

There are tips for traveling with your pet by air, where to seek medical help if there is a pet emergency while you are traveling, and a checklist of things to bring with you on your trip. I must admit, our dogs dont eat canned food, but if  yours do, don’t forget the can opening. Dogs are creatures of habit and traveling can be stressful enough. They need as much familiar structure as you can give them while they are away from their own back yard.

Check out this dog at the beach with a GoPro on his collar.

WARNING: This video contains lots of dog nose, lots of water, and the occasional dog butt.

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