Top Five Pet Toys For Christmas

The Healthy Paws pet insurance and foundation organization has put together a list of the Top Five Pet Toys for Christmas.

My favorite has to be the Hide-A-Squirrell puzzle toy. It looks cute to humans, is a challenge for a curious dog, and is something you can use over and over to create endless playtime. Shove the squirrels back into their log and let Fido loose on them again and again. Not only that, but it is four separate pieces for him to hunt for, sniff, and explore.

pet toys5. Kyjen Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

Work your dog’s brain and muscles with this interactive, durable dog toy. Stuff the squeaker-filled squirrels into the stump and watch your dog go nuts! Plush dog toys usually fall apart at the seams, but Kyjen pet toys are known for their durability. Available in sizes “Junior” through “Ginormous” for dogs of all sizes. Buy on Kyjen, Amazon, or

Read about their other top pics on their blog.

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