Dog Rescue Videos

Today I’m sharing a video from Rescue from the Hart, a dog rescue organization in Los Angeles, California. They are a 501 c3 that save abandoned and abused animals from local shelters and the streets and ultimately finding them loving forever homes. It was founded by husband and wife Annie Hart and her husband – James Hart.

They have recorded the progress of several of their rescues; all the way from finding them on the street, through recovery and to their foster homes. The transition is staggering. Watching a handful of the videos they have posted to their Youtube account can be gut-wrenching at times; seeing the condition the dogs are in when they are rescued. Scared and lonely; dirty and matted coats.

Despite the hundreds of shelter locations run by organizations across the country, there are still countless animals abandoned, run away from home, or born on the streets each year. The ASPCA estimates there may be over 70 million stray dogs and cats living in America. Individuals and groups like Rescue from the Hart ensure that as many of those as possible are healthy, safe, warm and have a loving forever home in which to live.

This group does a fantastic job with all kinds of social media to stay connected with dogs they have interacted with; Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, Twitter,

Check out the video below, give them $5 (link in the video at the end an on their website), or find a local dog rescue and support them through a donation, volunteering your time, or spreading awareness.

You can watch more inspiring rescue videos at: 

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