Fun and healthy treats

Its fun walking through the aisles at the local pet store to see what’s new and exciting in pet food, accessories, and treats. I came across these two items that piqued my interest.

With all the hype over Pumpkin Spice Latte this season, and all the jokes made about them, there was bound to be a variety of this treat for our pet friends. Introducing the Pup-kin Spice Latte cup of treats by Three Dog Bakery. The dome-topped cup and the coffee sleeve are a nice touch.


From the Bakery’s website: “These all-natural cookies are baked with the flavors of the Season. The Pup-kin Spiced wafers contain all-natural pumpkin, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. They are topped with marshmallow flavored mini-wafers and packaged in an adorable to-go cup!”

Thankfully, they contain 0% of the caffeine that their human-inspired drinks have.


Next up are YoPup probiotic biscuits which are drizzled in yogurt, made by Yoghund.

yogurtRemember the Yoplait yogurt commercials with the mid-section of people doing a hula dance because their insides were happy and their digestive system well balanced? Seemingly, so too can your dog (* Your dog probably won’t hula. I haven’t met a dog that can) when you feed them these treats.

Made in four varieties which are geared toward different health goals, they balance the good bacteria and add them back into healthy proportions to provide digestive benefits. My local big-box store only had two varieties, but all four are available on the manufacturers website linked above.

It’s amazing the products that are out there, sometimes you just never know…

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