Consumer Electronics Show 2014 – Tech for your Pet

The New York Times has a great article on “The Connected Dog” featuring products featured at this years Consumer Electronics Show (also known as CES) that are centered around your pet.

There are GPS collar tags that let you define an area around hour home and let them safely wander around, and will alert you by text or email if they leave the zone. They map and track your dogs fitness, as well.

There are automated feeders, cameras for your dogs collar to see from their vantage point interesting things through the day, and has live video streaming.

This is the Petnet(io) which allows you to do remote feeding, schedule feedings, calculates the amount of food your dog requires, reminds you of food quantity, and provides feedback about your dogs nutirition.

Visit the website here for full details.

The Tagg Gps device. Notifications, pinpoint maps, activity monitor: a great new product!

And, the PetCube an ingenious two-way voice communication system with a smartphone-controlled laser to chase. With the video monitor to keep an eye on them.

Its amazing how connected our world (and our pets are becoming!).

The show runs January 6 to January 9.

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