What do you Need to Bring When Camping with a Dog?

The OC Barkyard


I go camping with my dog, Sierra, multiple times every year, and every time it’s a new adventure.  I know she has as much fun, if not more, than we do when we take a trip to explore the great outdoors.  In my opinion, if you can bring your 4-legged friend along for the adventure, it makes the whole experience better for everyone involved.  I can’t imaging going camping without her now.  If you have never been camping with your dog before, DO IT!  But, before you head outdoors, you need to make sure you, and your dog, are prepared with the right equipment.  Also, it’s important to verify that your dog is allowed in the campground you’re looking at.  You wouldn’t want to get to the site and be turned away before you even settle in.  Most National and State parks will allow dogs, but have different restrictions, always check before…

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