Outward Hound Car Barrier – Review


Aside from short rides to the vet, groomer, and boarder; this was the first long trip we decided to take our dogs on. This mean they would be in the vehicle for ten hours each way (not including rest stops). Both dogs are under 25 pounds so they easily fit in the back seat with lots of room. The older dog would sleep, for sure. He is fourteen and well past getting excited over – well – pretty much anything. The young one (a three year old Shih Tzu/Jack Russell) was going to be a challenge.

pupstopfrontseatbarrier_2Even on short trips it is hard to keep him in one spot. Outside and at home he is fine with Sit, Stay, Lay Down; but all bets are off when he is in the car. We needed something to keep him in the back despite how much was going on around him. We debated about car seat harnesses, and other devices but settled on the barrier. I paid full price for this online, and have no contact with the manufacturer.

The Outward Hound PupStop Front Seat Barrier was the solution that worked for us. It installed easily in less than two minutes and gave full protection from Dexter trying to get to the front seat. Unrestrained objects are dangerous while driving, and dogs have a tendency not to notice what they are doing – and don’t know the consequences of, say, stepping on the accelerator, or shifting gears while in motion. This barrier provided this protection and kept them physically separate from the driver and controls at all times.


The product itself looks like an apron. There are four straps (one on each corner) each with a clip. The top two straps loop around the driver and passenger headrests, and the bottom two straps clip around the seat (where the back meets the seat section). It was intuitively easy to figure out, and the directions on the box were available if there were any questions. After securing all four straps using the clips, and a slight adjustment to the length of the straps so they would be snug, the unit stayed in place the entire trip.

The material is a plastic mesh vinyl that can be easy washed by hand using cold water and a mild detergent. Ours was thoroughly drooled on as he sat in the back seat looking out the front window.

The going price for this unit was $9.00 and is available at www.outwardhound.com or www.amazon.com

This is great for smaller dogs, however there are more sturdy solutions out there if your dog is over 60 pounds. Check out the hammock style that Outward Hound makes, or the Paws ‘N Claws 56″ Dog Barrier

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