True To His Breed – A Quest To Stop The Barking

Dexter is part Shih-Tzu; they are alert dogs. He does a great job of alerting me to visitors to the house, the neighbor’s dog being outside, and even the refrigerator making new ice.

In my quest to calm him down both when I arrive home from work, and from when he zones in on other dogs while we are walking, I decided to Clicker Train him.

I purchased three clickers on Amazon, and some Pet Botanics Training Rewards.

After doing some basic research online, the goal of Clicker Training is to train the dog to focus on me after he hears the ‘click’ from the device. This is done through associating the ‘click’ with a treat, then eventually weaning him off the treats, so that he will bring his attention to me when he is losing his cool.

On several walks, he has presented himself with potentially dangerous situations, by putting his full attention on a barking dog in a house, or across the street. He is always safe because of the harness and leash I have on him, but he can’t grow up to be a wild dog; depending on me to always be his protector.

So far, we are on Day 1 with the training, and the bag of rewards is sitting on the counter with a clicker and throughout the day he hears a click and gets a treat.

While looking through the pet store for all the training treats, I was drawn to Pet Botanics because they have a proprietary mixture of green tea, peppermint, dandelion, rosemary, and blueberry ingredients; among others. Each treat is approximately 3-calories, there are around 550 treats in each bag, AND you can feel confident in the quality because this product is made in the USA!

They have social media at:

So far, Dexter is loving these and wants me too feed them to him by the handful!

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