How To Manage All Those Puppy Pads

Part of raising a puppy is house training. Whether you rescued your new pup, or found him at a breeder, you are in for an experience training your new little buddy where to relieve their bowels.

Often, though, as dogs age they lose their ability to hold their need to urinate and quite often need a place to go indoors.

Enter the Puppy Pads. These woven, absorbent pads create a waterproof, and odor-reducing place for house training or a dog suffering from incontinence.  They are easily placed, and removed; protecting the surface underneath, but then where do you put them until trash day?

Enter the Puppy Pad Wizard!

This genius invention allows you to odorlessly store 20 or more used puppy pads. Simply open the spring-loaded door, deposit the pad, close the door, and press the button on top and, poof! your pad problem is gone.

With the pads locked inside the Puppy Pad Wizard, odors are contained and mediated. The bags designed for the unit have an odor absorbing film which prevents escapes (though you can use any type of bag that fits – you aren’t locked into specific bags for the system). Additionally, the button on top releases an odor-neutralizing spray which even further helps to eliminate odor. The bag is easily removed, allowing you to quickly bring the used pads to the household trash.

The Puppy Pad Wizard is also useful for storing those filled dog waste bags after trips outside or after walks. Gone are the days of having the smelly landmines lingering around your kitchen trash until trash day.

They take any kind of pad, and can use any kind of bag (though the company’s refills are recommended). There are also replacement bottles of the spray. Order individually or as a bundle!

Check out the company site now, or purchase on Amazon.

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