New York State declares Working Dogs as ‘State Dog’


Joining eleven other U.S. States which have declared an official State Dog, New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the act creating the designation for New York.

Different than the other States, New York has designated the ‘working dog’, rather than a specific breed, with that honor.

Working dogs are in many sectors of the economy. The work security detail at airports, sniff bombs in war zones, help detect illness in people (like cancer and low blood sugar), and guild their human companions around; helping those with sensory and mobility limitations.

“Every day, working dogs protect, comfort and give their friendship and affection to New Yorkers in need of assistance. These devoted companions embody the spirit of New York – hard working, loyal and eager to serve.” said Gov Cuomo.

You can find a list of States and their respective breeds here (on Wikipedia), and also read how working dogs serve in the world around us by following our Twitter feed @amazingdogstory

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