I Tried Chewy.com And This Is What Happened

This post was not sponsored by Chewy.com and I received no form of compensation to write this.

I recently received this mailer and thought three things: 1) I’m glad that someone finally has an online store targeted specifically for pet owners with a wide variety of products, 2) I like the idea of saving money on my first order, 3) they advertise fast, free shipping (over $49) – how is that possible.

IMG_20160327_120422IMG_20160327_120429chewy.com mailer

The problem with pet food is that it comes in very large bags which are inherently expensive to ship. I wanted to see if the prices on the site were going to be higher to compensate for the extra shipping expense. As an FYI, the shipping cost is $4.49 for orders under $49.00, so even if you don’t qualify for free shipping, it is still incredibly reasonable.

I went to their site, www.chewy.com, and was surprised at the number of brands of food available! When you select your pet (dog/cat) you get a list on the left to sort by brand, and there are 118 listed, all with multiple varieties! Clearly they have a focus on ensuring you find what you are looking for on their site.

Other categories aren’t as deep, but but have a well curated selection. Even with dog ear cleaners there are several brands to choose from, several sizes, and natural to traditional solutions. Cages, crates, hundreds of treats, bones, toys, dental  products, prescription food, flea collars, brushes and combs, hip supplements; this is a full-line site. I was quickly able to reach the $49 to qualify for free shipping!

That being said, the prices were right in line with Amazon. Curiously, the price for the Vet’s Best Ear Relief  (for itchy and moist ears) was $4.19, exactly the same price as on Amazon. The price for the food was the same price as Amazon and the grocery store, the Kong rope toy was less expensive and the minty treats weren’t available.

I added an 11 pound bag of Rachel Ray’s Nutrish Zero Grain Beef, Potato & Bison dry food to my order. I had looked for this size at the grocery store but they were sold out. On my last grocery trip, I had to get the smaller (more expensive per pound) bag because there was only enough at home for one more meal. Chewy.com had it in stock and I didn’t have to pay a horrendous shipping charge to get this item.


Now comes the incredible part; how quickly I received it. I placed my order at 6:23pm on March 24, received the confirmation email from Chewy.com and a second email from FedEx. I received an email at 2:42 on Friday morning that  my order had shipped, and at 11:17 on Saturday morning the package had arrived!

Just over 40 hours after placing my order, the package was on my doorstep!

box from chewy.com has arrived

Dexter making sure the package is fit for consumption.


The glorious moment when you open the package to see all the fun things inside!


Rachael Ray Nutrish, toohpaste, new Kong toy, minty treats, and ear cleaner.


Love sitting in the boxes

According to an article in Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, the company has distribution centers in Nevada, Indiana, and Pennsylvania to ensure orders arrive quickly. This was proven in my case!

Of course, when the box arrived Dexter was all about sniffing it out and seeing what was inside. He makes a cameo in the pictures and even enjoyed smelling and sitting in the empty box.

Would I shop again at Chewy.com? Yes. Great selection of products, seriously fast shipping, competitive prices, and 24/7 customer service by phone for questions.


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20 thoughts on “I Tried Chewy.com And This Is What Happened

  1. foguth

    We have been getting food and treats through Chewy for about four months and your experience with them is typical of the service we’ve experienced. I was amused that Dexter posed in the box. Purrseidon always does that – but doesn’t necessarily wait until the box is empty.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. foguth

        Meowser, I’m glad you like my name. I like it, too…. at least I like it until someone screams, “Purrseidon don’t do that!” >^.^<


  2. Kay

    I’ve been shopping for cheaper solutions and found Ralphs grocery has the cheapest cat foods and litter. Convenience is one thing but pet food costs far more per ounce than people food, it’s insane when you do the math. I to have that coupon not sure if i want to bother. Thanks


  3. Layla

    I’ve had great experiences with them too. I had to order some prescription food for one of my cats and they were SO very responsive and fantastic about getting the vet approval. The food was at my door the day after after the prescription was approved. I’ve ordered a lot of items from them (6 cats) and I get a great price, perfectly filled orders, and MUCH faster delivery than anywhere else.


  4. Tails Around the Ranch

    We’re big Chewy’s fans. Since shipping costs for gigantic bags of dog food for two dogs is more than pricey, we have limited our purchases to toppers and treats. We keep hoping to become ambassadors for them. Major tail thumping at the mere thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan Porras

      That’s because Walmart doesn’t carry the premium brands. Cheaper brands are always cheaper in price. Also, if you purchase heavier bags (more than 15#) it’s well worth it to have it delivered to your door.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. JennyA

      People get excited because they care about customer and pets. Chewy doesn’t see customers as a dollar sign. They really will try their best to help customers out. They do extra things for them and not to mention, you have an actual live person on the other side (two to three rings). No BS of pressing something for an operator. Not to mention, they’re 24/7


  5. J.Garcia

    Myself being a employee and a customer absolutely love this company.The products we sell are top notch,and we offer something for every budget. We as employees work very hard to fill every order and get it out on time.Thank you to everyone for being Chewy customers.😀


  6. Elizabeth Luna

    It’s great to hear of your experience! I also ordered from Chewy.com and had a similar experience. I didn’t realize that it had been over 6 weeks since I gave my cats their flea meds. Fleas can spiral out of control in just a few days time. I ran to every pet store in a county wide area like a nut looking for Advantage 2. For some reason every store is sold out this time of year. Even if they did have it in stock, it would be $75 plus tax. I ordered from Chewy.com 8am Friday morning and received the package at 2pm Saturday. 32 hours..really? It was like magic! My cats and I were so thankful. 24 hours later and they are not biting, chewing, and running all over the place. I’m glad you shared your experience. Their ratings for reviews are very high!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Jennifer

    I also agree that 4.95 is a decent shipping price. I do not live close by a place that carries what my dog likes. With the shipping only $3 more then the pet store and the delivery to my door, makes it so worth it.


  8. NotKathyWithaK

    Great post! I’ve been ordering from Chewy for quite some time now and I’ve never been disappointed with their products or service. I will say, though, I was shocked to get a handwritten Christmas card the first year! Pleasantly shocked! (For the record, I just ordered from them late last night (the 7th) and my package is already on its way (due on the 10th). That’s fast!


  9. Jose garcia

    I have one geriatric cat and don’t need $50 worth of food at one time. The shipping blows the cost of the water for me. It’s much cheaper just to buy cat food at Wal-Mart.



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