#MyPetIsWeird Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show dog in a pool

Jimmy Fallon’s Pet Hashtag Trends Wildly

On a recent episode of the Tonight Show WIth Jimmy Fallon, he started a hashtag #MyPetIsWeird. It’s amazing how much joy (and creepiness) that pets add to our lives. From dogs mimicking the action of a toaster, smelling dogs on tv, fish watching us change, to cats sucking their own tail; they certainly add some fun and energy to our lives.

Personally speaking, my dog will go around to every “human” in the room begging for attention. When the person tires of him, he goes to the next in line until he runs out of people, then starts instigating trouble with the other pets. He repeats the same order of people, and pets each time he does it.

Also, after he does his business “outside”, he walks away on three legs for about 20 feet, kicking at the air the whole time. The process is hardwired into this brain, but the execution just isn’t there!

Watch the clip from the show, check out some of the posts below, and add your funny stories to the comments below.






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