Walking Dog With A Flexi Leash

Flexi Is The Gold Standard of Leashes

I have put thousands of miles on my shoes and with my dog, Dexter. He is a runner and often pulls at the leash. We are usually stay in the neighborhood, following the same path, but there are times were I want to give him more freedom, and times when he needs to stay close to me.

The blue Flexi Classic Compact below is my first one. It has seen lots of wear and tear, and is holding up well. A few cosmetic blemishes from being dropped, and wet, and pulled; but it is still going strong.

Flexi Leash blue and black

It has a good, solid retracting mechanism which continues to operate like it did Day One.

The retractable tape (it comes in two types; tape or cord) on my leashes is 5m (16 feet) when fully extended. They come in longer lengths up to 8m (26 feet).

There are several after-market accessories that are generic in nature and designed to fit on the Flexi models. A package of poop bags came with a clip on dispenser, and browsing Etsy, you can find several people who make various attachments.

Flexi makes several accessories specifically designed for their leashes including a LED light, container called a “Multi Box” for bags or treats, a flashing LED leash section, a “soft stop” attachment which is an elasticized section before the clip which allows some reflex so eliminate the jolt with a sudden leash lock, and a “duo belt” which allows you to attach two dogs to the leash. The flashing LED, soft stop, and duo belt are only available on their Vario line.

The most useful feature of the leash I have is the locking mechanism. During our walks I only allow him to be a few feet in front of me. I want him to know I control the situation, and it keeps him out of peoples yards. When neighbors pass with their dogs, I can shorten and lock the leash to keep him close, and when we are in our yard I can let the leash go to its full length so he can explore and still be under control.

Yard work is more fun with the dogs outside. Locking the leash at full length, then wrapping it around a deck pole lets the dogs enjoy the air and freedom to move. The alternative is a yard stake and line, but couldn’t be left on the lawn due to the lawn cutting service, and the cord was one more thing to store somewhere.

The next upgrade will be to get their Neon model with reflective coating. Walking in the evening works best as the neighbors dogs are inside and don’t become a distraction. Click the image to check it out on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link. If you choose to buy, a small percentage of the purchase comes back to me to help pay the costs of this blog. It doesn’t cost you more, and this post is my honest review).

Flexi's Neon Cord Leash

Flexi’s Neon Cord Leash

This is a nice upgrade, but Flexi has leash housings for everyone; including leather wrapped, adorned in Swarovski Elements, and several ‘blinged out’ versions with designs such as a butterfly on the side.

There are a few imitators out there, selling replica leashes with the same features, but I’m a stickler for tradition; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The German design and engineering show in this quality leash.

There are several warnings on the packaging and that I learned from practice. Be careful when you release the lock. If there isn’t any resistance on the leash, the metal connector will come flying back at you. Be sure that you have control of both ends of the leash before you unlock it. The warnings also indicate something about a cutting hazard. I would imagine if it is wrapped around your finger or body part, it could cut skin as it retracts. Neither of these have been an issue for me during use.

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