Most recent order included Dexter’s favorite: Buddy Biscuits

I like to make sure that I choose healthy and simple food for myself and selecting pet treats is no different. I make sure Dexter gets a balanced regular food, and want to keep treats simple and healthy but not overly filling, as I don’t want the treats to replace his main meal.

When I was on last, I saw these great, simple, grain-free treats and thought I would give them a try. Buddy Biscuits are made in the USA with only seven ingredients, including peanut butter and chick pea flour. 

Buddy Biscuit box front

Buddy Biscuits box back

Buddy Biscuits box side panel

When I opened the package (which was shipped free and arrived two days later) I saw the size of the biscuits, and it is perfect. Slightly larger than two quarters, one biscuit is enough to let him enjoy it without filling his belly. 

Buddy Biscuits shape and size

The biscuits come sealed in a plastic longer which helps to keep them fresh, while the outer cartoon had a hole cut so you can see how many you have left 🙂

They have a net Facebook page ( where they do giveaways and interact with fans, and their website ( where you can find out more about all their flavors (peanut butter, roasted chicken, bacon & cheese, and filled beef) as well as their small range of Grooming supplies. 

Be sure to submit your pics of where your ‘Buddy’ has traveled and maybe you’ll see it on their site!

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