Tuffy – Ocean Creatures Lobster

If you read a few of the posts here, you will notice that I am on the search for durable toys. While walking around the big box store while Dexter was being groomed, I scoured the toy aisle for a toy that would last. He – a ShihTzu/Terrier Mix (and his new brother – an Australian Shepherd ) are chewers, and they destroy toys like it was their job.

I found the Tuffy Rabbit which lasted a very long time, so I knew I would search for another from this manufacturer. I stumbled upon the Lobster from their Ocean Creatures group.

This toy is made from three layers of material: plastic coating, luggage material, and soft fleece for the exterior. You can feel the weight of the toy; it is substantial considering its size.

Speaking of size, this toy is 4″ high, by 10″ wide, by 15″ long. The only object I had for reference when taking the picture was a dry-erase marker.

Tuffy rates their toys on toughness and uses the “all dog toy category” as a baseline, so a toy with a rating of 1 is a “cheap plush toy”, and 4 is a “sewn nylon toy that claims to be rugged”, 5 is where Tuffy toys enter the rank, and they give the Lobster an 8 which is “long lasting a really durable”. According to Tuffy’s website, the only toys that meed the criteria of 10 (Mega strong, the Tuffest) are basic shapes like bones and circles, and their Octopus and Squid characters. The language of the descriptions on the scale don’t show any hint of objectivity toward other toys, but it gives you a starting point when looking at which Tuffy toy is right for your dog.

The Lobster has two squeakers – one in each of the front claws. Due to the thickness of the material they are enclosed in, they will last longer than the average toy, but are the standard squeaker you find in most toys.

The seams are extra reinforced with webbing, then are stitched around multiple times. There is even cross-stitching across the surfaces of the toy to reinforce it.

The only reason the rabbit (pictured below) failed was because of a lateral seam underneath that came undone, not because of an exterior seam! Once the seam on the rabbit came undone, all stuffing broke loose and it was chaos for a days picking up a lot of stuffing. These toys are crammed to the gills with stuffing. Typically I get stuffing-free toys, and the dogs enjoyed the rabbit shell even after the stuffing was removed.

It has been a few weeks now that the lobster (or “lobsta”, I imagine the dogs pronounce it it with a Boston accent) has been in play and it shows moderate fraying around the claws as the dogs play with the squeakers, but shows no signs of structural damage.

Like the tag says, no toy in indestructible. Be ware of how worn a toy becomes and remove it from play when it could pose a hazard to your pup.

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