This blog is about my dog Dexter. Every time something happens to him or I discover something new, I’ll share it here. Feel free to comment and share and give your dog care tips as well. This is a dynamic blog and the posts will probably be about random things, at random times, but being a pet parent, you discover new things and observe new behaviors every day.

Dexter is a rescue dog. There are too many dogs that need a home for me to adopt a breeder dog. I don’t feel the need to encourage breeding. For some people, dogs are status symbols, for me, they are a companion. They are fun to watch grow, and explore, and play, and they provide lots of cuddles and licks.

Dexters New Home
In the picture he is just a few weeks old; small enough to hold in a hand.

This blog follows our journey together.

This site does occasionally post links from the amazon.com Affiliate program from which I, and Dexter, receive a small percentage of the sale. The price you pay for the product stays the same. The opinion of what I write is not influenced by the inclusion of a link.

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