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When the treat bowl is empty, but Dexter wants more

Unfortunately, the word ‘last’ doesn’t mean much to Dexter. His idea of an empty bag of treats is that another new one will be opened soon!

Don’t worry buddy, there are plenty more!

Time for more treats from Bark Bos


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Teeny Treats, New Toy, and Ready To Run!

This week a lot of great things happened. 

I was reading on Lapdog Creations of the ASPCA Virtual 5k and, in an effort to stay active, signed up. I’m looking forward to training early in the mornings. This summer ended up being rainy and miserable so I’m optimistic this fall will be nice.

Registration included a numbered bib, a finishers medal for me, and I opted for finishers medal for Dexter. 

The 5k doesn’t have to be done on a specific time or date, and because Dexter gets fairly winded after 1.5 miles, we’ll break up the walk into two sessions. Our team page is here, and our goal is to raise $100 for the work the ASPCA does for animals across the country. Look for pictures when the registration package arrives and when we complete the walk!
Today was grocery day and while at Wegmans shopping picked up some fun things: more Buddy Biscuits, some Bag Balm for Dexter’s foot, and a new toy: a blinking chewy toy.

Buddy Biscuits come in two sizes (regular and Teeny Treats). The Buddies come in two flavors Roasted Chicken, and Peanut Butter, Grilled Beef, and Bacon and Cheese. All of the flavors have limited ingredients, and are equally addictive!

Buddy Biscuits regular size and Tiny Treats

I use the Teeny Treats in a puzzle toy. They fit great and are a huge motivator!

Both dogs at home are chewers. We can’t seem to keep enough to in the house! This fun made by Nerf feels durable, about 7-inches long, and has flashing lights in each end. There package doesn’t give any indication that the batteries are replaceable, and there aren’t any places to access a battery- which is probably a good thing!

Lastly, Bag Balm is a petrolium jelly great got chafed skin, and minor scrapes. Will out on a walk, Dexter got excited and pulled on the leash which ended up in him scraping one of his pads on the asphalt, causing a scrape he was tendering. Bag Balm is useful for people hands and dog (and cat) paws. 

As I’m writing this, a Slow Cook Pork Carnitas rost is cooking away and the house is smelling great! The dogs are going crazy begging for some. Super easy and hard to wait for!

All About The Bark

I was reading today about on The; What Dogs Are Saying With Their Barks about dog vocalizations. The article is very long and goes into detail about chicken studies but its very interesting to learn 1) how few studied have been done on dog vocalization and 2) how context is everything with them. The last page of the article hinted that, like humans, even the intonation of dog barks can depend on their mood.

We may even unintentionally condition our dogs to bark louder! When we are on the couch and they continually bark at you to play with their favorite toy and your response is slow, the suggests that they will bring their toy and bark louder when you are occupied (for example, on the phone). During these times you are more likely to respond faster (throw their toy) just to get them away and quiet. That’s the totally opposite effect that we desire! We are encouraging loud behavior during times we want silence.

I seriously can’t wait for more research in this area!

Check out this product featured on Engadget! Its the No More Woof which uses the Android Raspberry Pi processor to translate a dogs brain activity to human words. Its more of a concept than reality, but we’re on the way to communicating with our canine friends better.