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How To Manage All Those Puppy Pads

Part of raising a puppy is house training. Whether you rescued your new pup, or found him at a breeder, you are in for an experience training your new little buddy where to relieve their bowels.

Often, though, as dogs age they lose their ability to hold their need to urinate and quite often need a place to go indoors.

Enter the Puppy Pads. These woven, absorbent pads create a waterproof, and odor-reducing place for house training or a dog suffering from incontinence.  They are easily placed, and removed; protecting the surface underneath, but then where do you put them until trash day?

Enter the Puppy Pad Wizard!

This genius invention allows you to odorlessly store 20 or more used puppy pads. Simply open the spring-loaded door, deposit the pad, close the door, and press the button on top and, poof! your pad problem is gone.

With the pads locked inside the Puppy Pad Wizard, odors are contained and mediated. The bags designed for the unit have an odor absorbing film which prevents escapes (though you can use any type of bag that fits – you aren’t locked into specific bags for the system). Additionally, the button on top releases an odor-neutralizing spray which even further helps to eliminate odor. The bag is easily removed, allowing you to quickly bring the used pads to the household trash.

The Puppy Pad Wizard is also useful for storing those filled dog waste bags after trips outside or after walks. Gone are the days of having the smelly landmines lingering around your kitchen trash until trash day.

They take any kind of pad, and can use any kind of bag (though the company’s refills are recommended). There are also replacement bottles of the spray. Order individually or as a bundle!

Check out the company site now, or purchase on Amazon.

What is a Dog’s Wagging Tail Saying?

By Linda Cole

Tail wagging is part of the body language of dogs. Children, as well as adults, have been bitten by dogs who were wagging their tails. The position of a dog’s tail not only shows how he is feeling, mentally and physically, but also signals impending danger to the pack from outside forces or from the dog himself.

A dog uses the tail as a social statement to greet their owners, other dogs, cats and situations they may encounter. Just as we greet a friend or acquaintance with a smile or handshake, so it is with dogs. We may smile as we shake hands with someone we consider to be an adversary and a dog’s wagging tail that we take as a friendly greeting can be the same. It’s important to pay attention to the dog’s entire body language to understand the full meaning of the tail.

Continue reading to find out what specific tail positions mean

Dogs – Able to do Anything!

It constantly amazes me how agile dogs are. They run faster than you can imagine, higher than you think (even the tiny ones!) and have an incredible sense of smell. From read the article “7 Amazing Facts about your Dogs Sense of Smell“; while light on the science behind it, it is a look at why dogs smell everything and anything, and why they do it.

The inspiration for the post is the National Bird Dog Circuit that is on Pursuit Channel, on DirecTV, Dish Network, and streaming on Roku. Starting December 29, 2014 they are showing the National Bird Dog Circuit where canine companions have the opportunity to compete for the top prize in three categories: Flush, Point, and Retrieve. They are timed events where trained dogs flush birds out of undergrowth, direct their people to where birds are hiding (they must maintain a three-second pointed pose – I can’t even get my dog to stay still for 1 second, let alone three!), and they must bring back the targets in the fastest time.

While I am subscribed to neither of the services listed above, you can follow the outcomes with winners and stats on the National Bird Dog Circuit website and Facebook page, visit the Pursuit Channel’s NBDC website, or add the Pursuit App to your Roku to start watching on your mobile devices.

See the promo video below: