Great Stuff for Great Dogs

Check out these cool products I have run across in my forays on the internet.

Running Buddy brand pcoket. Featured on

Keep music, treats, credit cards, or other important items in this strap-less pouch while out with your pooch.

Black Dog Is Good brand mug with blue printing. Featured on

charming, funny, delicious. Three words to describe this mug from Dog Is Good. Check out more at their website above. Show everyone you love your pups, old and new.

pethub signal pet tag. Featured on

Don’t lose your pet! This tag features QR Code, NFC, and toll-free ways to locate a lost or runaway pet.

freezypup ice mold and treat mix. Featured on

Create fast, easy, and organic treats for your pups that love to chase ice cubes, or melt a treat in their dry food for a fun new twist. These are great for training or new pet parents. Make frozen pet treats at home!

DreamFarms Membo weekly reminder. Featured on

Available from DreamFarms, this reminder documents that a task like feeding the dog is done. This is a Must-Have for multi “parent” houses.

This is the Mambo available from DreamFarms. Flip it over when you have fed the dog! Communicates the task has already been done by another member  of the household. Brilliant!


treat_jar sweet potato pie. See other products at

Snicky Snaks Sweet Potato Pie from Rescue Pet Supply. Individually sealed, the treats keep fresh; then reuse the jar with your own treats!



Packaged in a nifty jar, these Sweet Potato Pie treats are great for any dog. Individually sealed, they are a great treat while keeping the rest fresh.

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