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Traveling with Dexter

This year we’ll be traveling with the dogs. I wasn’t sure what or how much to travel with, but this neat kit on Amazon had me inspired. It features a container for dry food, a water bottle, bowls for food and water, a waste bag dispenser, and keeps it all contained in one easy-to-carry bag.

I was looking for a checklist so I didn’t forget anything, and these seem to be common things people need to remember:

– air-tight container for food
– leak-proof container for water
– bowls for feeding
– treats (for motivation to come and go to new spaces)
– extra leash
– walking harness
– papers! ownership, updated shots, any contracts or agreements for airlines or countries.
– waste bags
– something to keep the waste bags in, if you don’t have access to trash
– favorite toy, or new toy they will like
– raw-hide or a long-chew bone to keep them occupied for long trips
– current tags for rabies shots.
– printed copies of their home veterinarian, and pet hospitals at your destination
– Emergency number for poison control (for example: www.petpoisonhelpline.com/ this is a pay-per use service)
– Lost pet registration (HomeAgain, PetHub, etc.. with current contact information)
– Long outdoor tether, screw-type ground stake
– comfortable travel accommodations (blankets for crate, pillows)
– something from home; a bed, blanket or something that smells like home
– prescriptions, with enough for the duration of the trip

Check out the Travel Tips from the AKC