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Reduce your pets winter static

Dry environments, typically caused by additional home heating in the winter, can cause unpleasant static shocks for your pet. While it might be amusing for sticking balloons to the wall, it can be painful for our furry friends.

Today I found some ways to make the indoors more pleasant (shock free!) for your pets.

The key is to increase the moisture in pet fur or the atmosphere. This can be accomplished in several ways including:

  • Humidifying your house
  • Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at bath time
  • Choose metal or ionic brushes which are less likely to build up static
  • Lightly mist your hands or your pets coat prior to petting
  • Supplement their diet with Omega 3 which helps to improve their coast from within
  • Surround your pet with natural fibres (beds and blankets)

Following these steps can help avoid those frizzy fir days, and unexpected nose zaps.

Check out this article from Mother Nature Network for additional details and links.