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Is it safe for dogs to drink milk?

In short, the answer is yes. It is not toxic but some dogs may be allergic, and even in dogs without an allergy, milk can cause digestion problems including vomiting and diarrhea when consumed in moderate to large quantities.

Most dogs can drink milk in moderation, however dog owners need to be aware of the symptoms of lactose intolerance if they plan on giving their dog milk. The most common symptoms are:


Also, check out this AKC article about “Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

These Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews are made with three ingredients. Yak Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt. They are nice and hard to keep your buddy occupied for hours. They are lactose free and grain free!

Review – Storybook Wags and Whiskers Bakery


I like the idea of healthy, fresh, dog treats, but I can’t bring myself to fire up the oven and make any. I was searching Google for a local dog bakery and found this place: Storybook Wags and Whiskers. They are located at 8226 Brewerton Rd, Cicero, NY 13039. (315) 699-4149.


Founded in 2005, this family run bakery, pet supply store, and now doggy daycare has been a knowledgeable and unique fixture in the community. He brought the “dog bakery” concept from California after spending time living on the west coast.

The first thing you see upon walking into the store is the bakery showcase with a wide variety of fresh, hand-made healthy treats. Everything from bone-shaped oatmeal treats, to paw-shaped cheddar biscuits, to decorated “birthday cakes” for special occasions. All are made with pet safe ingredients and hand selected from the case upon ordering.

I selected “two of everything” with a treat for both my pups to enjoy the whole range. Not only did both dogs love eating everything, they are well made and have great eye-appeal to people.


Further in the store there is a wide variety of brands of food, fun toys and grooming tools. You can also see through the doorway of the daycare and see what the dogs are watching on TV today!

I was greeted immediately by Matthew, the owner upon entering, and told the story of how this is a family-run venture and how they share a passion for pets. Word has been spreading with several new customers in the past months. It no wonder why! With personal service, a wide selection of everything, and fresh baking, this is a win for every one (And dog) who walks through the door.

Check them out at their website: http://www.storybookwagsnwhiskers.com/ 
See an Interview with the Matthew: https://youtu.be/qXP6SCZvbs8  

Review – The Honest Kitchen

One day while browsing several dog blogs and the usual websites, I saw an ad for The Honest Kitchen. It caught my eye because who doesn’t want to feed their dogs natural “Human Grade” food? In reading the information on their site I was intrigued to learn that they make their food in a human food facility, and rather than the traditional dry kibble bits, their food is dehydrated and comes in pouches or boxes that you re-hydrate. It was an interesting point of difference and i thought it was worth a try.

My dogs are picky and they are used to their “Small Dog” formula, and i wasn’t sure how they would react to a new food, and one that needed preparation. It would obviously be a different texture than what they were used to. On the occasion that human food bits drop to the floor (while prepping vegetables, or preparing an evening snack), they will find the crumbs and eat them fast. Except when something like a gluten-free pretzel happens to land close to them. Dexter went over, smelled, it  – probably determined it was too healthy for him – and continued on his way. I wasn’t sure if he would eat something so “healthy”.

I ordered the Sample Bundle and some brochures “Product Flyer” and the “Little Book of Proper Food”; because I was curious and.. they are free.

The Product Flyer is exactly what it says it is, a pictorial representation of their product line: grain-free, whole grain, food for dogs and cats, from a variety of sources: chicken, turkey, beef, and fish or duck. They also have cleverly named dog and cat treats (Pecks, Smooches, and Nuzzles; how cute), and supplements to help with digestion. www.thehonestkitchen.com/truestories 

The Little Book of Proper Food tells more about the Human Grade Ingredients – where they are sourced, how they are gently prepared (dehydrated to preserve the nutrients) and their testing. They have a requirement from their suppliers to sign their “Human Food Grade Guarantee”, and perform in-house taste tests (!), quality control for yeast, mold, contaminants, and nutritional testing.

On to my experiencing preparing the product.

The Samples come in 1oz packages (packed in pouches printed with water-based inks) and the sample pack includes (as of my order date) a portion of Beef, Chicken, and Turkey. I also received a supplement pouch, though I have yet to try that.

The instructions are very simple, and there is a video on the website for demonstration. I will summarize:
1) Pour pouch contents into a dish
2) Add 1/3 cup of warm water; Stir
3) Wait Three Minutes the serve.

I used my Keurig for the warm water, measured it, stirred, and waited three minutes.

The pouch contents are a fine grind of lots of green ingredients, and there were several very small pieces of turkey. My sample pouch had about six turkey pieces. Due to the nature of the packaging and portioning, the amount of proteins you receive will vary. The recipe smelled very earthy; in a good way. You could tell from the smell that the ingredients are plant and vegetable based. I was immediately wondering if my dogs would eat it. Their normal food is dry, and smells like grain.

I mixed the water in and gave it a good stir, it looked like a Cup-of-Soup, but after my kitchen timer finished counting down three minutes, I stirred again, stuck my finger in to feel the temperature (I didn’t taste test myself); portioned it into two dishes and took some pictures.

Perhaps I added too much water, but the ingredients had re-hydrated and the texture had firmed up. The final texture was of thick pudding.

Now the real test; will the dogs eat it (and enjoy it)?

After a few apprehensive sniffs, they both dug in and licked their bowls clean! They had both eaten their breakfast just over an hour earlier, so they weren’t wolfing the food down out of hunger, it was because it tasted good! It is hard to saw whether they preferred the Turkey, hHicken or Beef, but all three were consumed quickly.

I think this product is great, has a great social and environmental message as well as the healthy eating aspect for our fur buddies (dogs and cats). The pouches make it so easy to travel with as it reduces the amount of bulk needed while traveling (especially long trips when lots of food is required). No more lugging giant bags of food from the grocery store (Honest Kitchen is sold in select pet stores) or storing food in giant bins, just have a box delivered to your door. Packaging is in 2-lb, 4-lb, or 10-lb boxes. There is a chart on the back of the box to show the equivalent Honest Kitchen portion to traditional dry food, and a calculation on how long a box will last you feeding at those rates.

The Natural Kitchen has all of the requisite social media links where you can share your stories, view others’, and learn more about the company or purchase directly from them.

Follow them at:

Fun and healthy treats

Its fun walking through the aisles at the local pet store to see what’s new and exciting in pet food, accessories, and treats. I came across these two items that piqued my interest.

With all the hype over Pumpkin Spice Latte this season, and all the jokes made about them, there was bound to be a variety of this treat for our pet friends. Introducing the Pup-kin Spice Latte cup of treats by Three Dog Bakery. The dome-topped cup and the coffee sleeve are a nice touch.


From the Bakery’s website: “These all-natural cookies are baked with the flavors of the Season. The Pup-kin Spiced wafers contain all-natural pumpkin, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. They are topped with marshmallow flavored mini-wafers and packaged in an adorable to-go cup!”

Thankfully, they contain 0% of the caffeine that their human-inspired drinks have.


Next up are YoPup probiotic biscuits which are drizzled in yogurt, made by Yoghund.

yogurtRemember the Yoplait yogurt commercials with the mid-section of people doing a hula dance because their insides were happy and their digestive system well balanced? Seemingly, so too can your dog (* Your dog probably won’t hula. I haven’t met a dog that can) when you feed them these treats.

Made in four varieties which are geared toward different health goals, they balance the good bacteria and add them back into healthy proportions to provide digestive benefits. My local big-box store only had two varieties, but all four are available on the manufacturers website linked above.

It’s amazing the products that are out there, sometimes you just never know…

Canine Thanksgiving Hazards

Aside from the obvious hazards like hot liquids on the stove, lots of feet in the busy kitchen and dining areas, food can be dangerous for dogs this Thanksgiving. While it may be tempting to share people food with our furry friends, a lot of the food we eat can be dangerous to them.

This list at Barkpost.com lists 11 Thanksgiving Staples That Are Hazardous to Pups. Some of the highlights include:

  • Salty Turkey Skin
  • Garlic Bread
  • Pecan Pie (mmm.. pecan pie…)
  • Alcohol

Let’s keep the holidays safe for everyone. Today I was watching the National Dog Show, where Nathan the bloodhound won Best In Show, there was a commercial for Purina’s Just Right Pet Food. Its the most customized pet food I have ever seen.

The website asks you a series of questions about your dogs coat, activity level, and whether you prefer a blend without soy or grains. The website lets you choose your protein source between Lamb, Salmon, and Chicken. You can even upload a picture of your pooch and they will print it along with your Pets Name  (Dexter’s Blend) right on the front of the bag! I created one and am waiting for his 6-pound bag to arrive in the mail! They also give recommended daily feeding amount and give you an ingredient list before you checkout. Check out the link above to watch a video.

It’s not surprising to see this innovation come to pet food. The latest trend in human food is customization (SaladWorks, Chipotle, Subway, and the self-serve yogurt shops with dozens of toppings to choose). Its true that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to pets so I can’t wait to see the results from Dexter after he gets into his twenty day supply.