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Modern Dog Beds Flourish With Options

Gone are the days when pet beds were rectangular pillows with a solid color cover. Today’s modern offerings include beds of all filling, shape, and even functional purpose.

Pet beds quickly adopt technology from the human bed manufacturers.

BuddyRest offers many different options in their beds including pressure mapping and proper weight distribution. Their offerings include solutions to help with mobility issues with lift-assist technology to make it easier for dogs to get in and out of their bed.


Fillings in modern dog beds include visco-elastic memory foam, recycled polyester strand fill, cotton, coconut husk, orthopedic foam, and some now incorporate moisture barriers to address the needs of senior dogs.


Shape is another area of radical innovation. Crate pads are sized to fit standard wire kennels, over-sized rectangular puffy cushions come in all sizes and fill levels. Orthopedic beds address pressure points. Beds with low or high side walls allow dogs to nestle in. Some like sleeping with their head propped up or elevated, and such beds allow them to do so. Beds are now offered in ‘bean’ shapes and circles.


Beds are more functional now. Rather than sitting in a corner as an afterthought, modern dog beds feature soft, fleece-like coverings; durable weather resistant outer coverings for travel or RV adventures, or traditional cloth. Some feature velvet-like coverings or even shag-length fibers for dogs who like to snuggle in.


While the industry standard seems to be solid colors, manufacturers like Carolina Pet Company in Prosperity, South Carolina have started to incorporate vibrant colors. Their Pendleton Pet Collection features colors inspired by United States National Parks.

So, no matter what type, size, or breed of dog, there is a bed that is the perfect fit, size, texture, and color to suit them, and whatever location the bed will stay.