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The Shelter Pet Project – #AdoptPureLove

I saw this video as an ad produced by The Shelter Pet Project on YouTube and had to share.

The Shelter Pet Project is the result of a collaborative effort between two leading animal welfare groups, the Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund, and the leading producer of public service advertising (PSA) campaigns, The Ad Council.

Our goal is to make shelters the first place potential adopters turn when looking to get a new pet, ensuring that all healthy and treatable pets find loving homes. We do this by breaking down misconceptions surrounding shelter pets and celebrating the unique bond between every shelter pet and parent.

The Shelter Pet Project’s new #AdoptPureLove campaign celebrates the special qualities of shelter pets and the incredible bond between every shelter pet and parent. Through the stories of actresses Olivia Munn and Rachel Bloom, NFL player Logan Ryan and everyday people, #AdoptPureLove encourages audiences to adopt from shelters and rescue groups nationwide.

Therapy Dogs In Action: Pulse Orlando

This story is a look back to August 2016 when the worst mass shooting by a single person was carried out against the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. It sent waves of shock across the country. During that time, when 49 lives were ended and hundreds of families were impacted, the call went out and therapy dogs from across the country came to Orlando to provide a comfort and a warm touch while the healing began.

Dogs from 5 States were present at the vigil and in hospital rooms to offer support.

Read the full article from US Weekly Magazine




Steyr and Stryker with their veteran handlers Kelvin and Shawn while filming the Top Tier: American Heroes and the Dogs Who Love Them documentary

Top Tier: American Heroes and the Dogs Who Love Them

Browsing Kickstarter today, I found this project and immediately backed it. The filmmakers from Titan Throw Multimedia are teaming up with Top Tier Dog Training and the non-profit foundation Tier Garden Inc. to produce a film called: Top Tier American Heroes and the Dogs Who Love Them.

This movie will follow the dogs and their handlers through their Affiliative Training (PDF) program. Affiliative Dog Training focuses on building the bond between the disabled handler and the Service Dog in Training using positive reinforcement. Along the way, we will learn about the veterans who will benefit from the pairing with the dogs.

The preview, you can watch though the link here, shows veterans going through a wide range of issues including mobility, and those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It is a wonderful project which I hope is produced and widely distributed which will help provide support to the thousands of veterans who served our country.

Proposed release date is June 29, 2017 if funding is reached.

Heading Image Credit: Steyr and Stryker with their handlers Kelvin and Shawn from https://www.kickstarter.com


Review – Storybook Wags and Whiskers Bakery


I like the idea of healthy, fresh, dog treats, but I can’t bring myself to fire up the oven and make any. I was searching Google for a local dog bakery and found this place: Storybook Wags and Whiskers. They are located at 8226 Brewerton Rd, Cicero, NY 13039. (315) 699-4149.


Founded in 2005, this family run bakery, pet supply store, and now doggy daycare has been a knowledgeable and unique fixture in the community. He brought the “dog bakery” concept from California after spending time living on the west coast.

The first thing you see upon walking into the store is the bakery showcase with a wide variety of fresh, hand-made healthy treats. Everything from bone-shaped oatmeal treats, to paw-shaped cheddar biscuits, to decorated “birthday cakes” for special occasions. All are made with pet safe ingredients and hand selected from the case upon ordering.

I selected “two of everything” with a treat for both my pups to enjoy the whole range. Not only did both dogs love eating everything, they are well made and have great eye-appeal to people.


Further in the store there is a wide variety of brands of food, fun toys and grooming tools. You can also see through the doorway of the daycare and see what the dogs are watching on TV today!

I was greeted immediately by Matthew, the owner upon entering, and told the story of how this is a family-run venture and how they share a passion for pets. Word has been spreading with several new customers in the past months. It no wonder why! With personal service, a wide selection of everything, and fresh baking, this is a win for every one (And dog) who walks through the door.

Check them out at their website: http://www.storybookwagsnwhiskers.com/ 
See an Interview with the Matthew: https://youtu.be/qXP6SCZvbs8  

American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards 2014

Watch the inspiring videos of the 2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards

All eight finalists have been selected and the award was presented in October during a special on the Hallmark network. Watch the nomination videos at the link below, and read the story of the winning dog at the bottom of this page.

These stories show the incredible spirit and resolve of our canine friends.


Suzie the Pitbull Mix wins 2014 American Hero Dog Award

Ten Thousand Year Old Bison Bone Found By Rescue Dog!

In another feel-good story about how incredible dogs of all breeds and histories are, a dog in the Pflugerville Animal Shelter went to the water to dive for rocks, she returned with an artifact!

Officials are need to send the bone for radiocarbon testing to confirm the date, but initial estimates put the fossil date to around 10,000 years ago!

Read the full story including interviews from shelter volunteers at the link below.


Hilarious Holiday Fest has gone to the dogs (And a cat)

You may see this video going around YouTube but it is hilarious to watch and the Behind The Scenes video of this as well. I can’t believe how well behaved so many dogs are with plates of food (and a TURKEY!) in front of them.

The personification is awesome as each dog (and the cat) has their own ‘personality’ and we can kind of relate that to our own experiences of family gatherings, large and small.

The best part of the video is that most of them are rescue dogs from the Humane Society of Utah.

Visit the FreshPet page here: http://freshpet.com/bringing-joy-holiday-feast-rescue-pets/

See their GoFundMe drive to raise money for the following organizations: http://www.gofundme.com/GivingPawsFreshpet

  Secaucus Animal Shelter  in Secaucus, NJ
  Bergen County Protect and Rescue  in Cliffside Park, NJ
  Prairie Paws  in Ottawa, KS
  The Humane Society of Utah  in West Murray, UT
  Sanctuary at Haafsville  in Fogelsville, PA